The Xhibitionist Superyacht

There’s yachts, and then there’s the Xhibitionist superyacht. This next level mega yacht is exactly what you’d expect to see in Bruce Wayne’s impressive collection of Batmobiles.

Officially crowned the “supercar of the sea,” this Bat-yacht was conceived by the Swedish team at Gray Design, and has everything a crime fighting superhero would ever need while he enjoys his open water excursion. The yacht measures in at 75-meters, and features eight guest rooms outfitted with shiny monochrome furniture for your closest friends and family to enjoy, a rooftop jacuzzi for popping bottles, and built-in solar panels that also double as a helipad (for up to 3 helicopters) or concert space. There’s even a sports-car showroom complete with a matching supercar dubbed the Xhibit G, perfect for when you’re back on land. This much opulence will cost you though. Gray Design is hoping to charge $25 million for this beauty – a drop in the bucket for the Bruce Wayne’s of the world.

The Xhibitionist Superyacht 2

The Xhibitionist Superyacht 3

The Xhibitionist Superyacht 4

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The Xhibitionist Superyacht 6

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