The Wooden House By Studio PikaPlus

May 3, 2017

Category: Living

When you think of a cabin in the woods, what usually comes to mind is a heavy, wooden structure with small windows and a big fireplace. Slovenian firm Studio PikaPlus has taken this architectural trope, blown it up, and started all over again. The result? An award winning home that goes simply by Wooden House.

What sets this home apart is how it manages to let so much of the surrounding environment in while still retaining a kind of order and coziness. All rooms in the house except for the bathroom (which includes a sauna, because why not) are exposed to a two story glass facade that looks out over a large clearing in the Slovenian woods. This allows for a large amount of light to flow into the space, and gives occupants a real sense of connectedness with the nature. This is further enhanced by the choice of soft wood on the interior of the home. Of course, the cabin still provides plenty of protection from the hard winters of Central European thanks to the steep angle of the roof and dark cladding and thick insulation. All things said – this is a cabin in the woods we’d be more than happy to find ourselves in.

Learn More: Studio PikaPlus

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