The Whiskey Wedge

While we prefer many of our favorite whiskies neat, there is certainly a time and place for a Scotch on the rocks. But as you may already know, ice can melt quite quickly, resulting in a watered down spirit. The Whiskey Wedge promises cold booze, without the unwanted dilution.

For years companies have been attempting to create ice that keeps your whiskey cold without diluting the actual spirit. And while there are a few options out there (from ice spheres to whiskey stones), there is still room for improvement. The team at Corkcircle think they have done just that. The Wedge comes with a special Double-Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass alongside a silicone mold. All you have is add water to the glass, insert the mold, and then throw it in the freezer. Due to the reduced surface area of the Wedge (think of a glacier), this thing will take much longer to melt than your standard ice cubes. [Purchase]

The Whiskey Wedge 2

The Whiskey Wedge 4