The Vintages Trailer Resort

Jul 23, 2015

Category: Living

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, we have something that should strike your fancy: The Vintages Trailer Resort. The basic concept is to have a group of trailers outfitted with luxury hotel-like accommodations to create a unique experience.

The Vintage Trailer Resort is located on 14 acres in Willamette Valley, Oregon. It ends up working as a small and interesting community in which you’ll meet many different travelers (which to some, adds to its appeal). There are a total of 15 trailers to rent, with each trailer being tailored for different tastes. They’re each outfitted with hotel quality linen, gourmet pour-over coffee from Caravan Coffee, luxury terrycloth Robes and comfortable mattressses. Each trailer also comes equipped with a propane grill. The Vintage Trailer Resort also has a pool, hot tub and a “variety of outdoor lawn games.” With it being just outside of Dayton, visitors are encouraged to visit the local vineyards, too. Trailers start at $92 per night. [Purchase]

The Vintages Trailer Resort 2

The Vintages Trailer Resort 3

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The Vintages Trailer Resort 5

The Vintages Trailer Resort 6

The Vintages Trailer Resort 7

The Vintages Trailer Resort 8

The Vintages Trailer Resort 9

The Vintages Trailer Resort 10

The Vintages Trailer Resort 11

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