The Vanual Camping Van

When the going gets tough and you want to get the hell out of dodge, a weekend retreat or getaway can be the perfect remedy. In fact, some fall in love with the great outdoors so much that sometimes such a retreat is later extended into a lifestyle. Such is the case for filmmaker Zach Both, who converted an empty cargo van into a one-of-a-kind camping van/work studio.

The van, purchased off Craigslist, looks like just another ordinary cargo van. But once you step inside, the magic of Both’s diligence and vision come alive with pure elegance. Marrying both utility with a minimal design, this camping van features everything from a plush bed set to an indoor kitchenette to a home theater system, he is a filmmaker after all. Also, the van is equipped with wifi, and solar panels to help keep everything charged and the panels were modified into chalkboards so note taking and storyboarding doesn’t have to leave the office. And for those interested in following suit, Zach outlined his step-by-step process on his personal website. Good luck.

The Vanual Camping Van 1

The Vanual Camping Van 2

The Vanual Camping Van 3

The Vanual Camping Van 4

The Vanual Camping Van 5

The Vanual Camping Van 6