The Undersea Aquahoverer

If you’ve always wanted to pilot your own submarine but the complicated nature of the controls was the thing holding you back, it’s time to get your checkbook ready. Bypassing difficult-to-manage controls like ballast adjustment or drop weight management, the Undersea Aquahoverer makes underwater navigation as easy as driving a car.

Combining a fixed positive-buoyancy and 6 400-RPM, 1.2 kilowatt ducted propellers, this personal submersible offers omni-directional maneuvering at depths down to 400 feet below sea level. And, once you find something interesting you want to check out for a while, you can steady it to hover in place and gaze away through either of the dual acrylic domes. The fly-by-wire controls work from either cockpit and each have their own digitally monitored oxygen and closed-circuit communication systems. For just $1.5 million, you can own the ultimate undersea personal luxury vehicle. [Purchase]

The Underwater Aquahoverer 01

The Underwater Aquahoverer 03

The Underwater Aquahoverer 02