This Is The Most Comprehensive Whisky Collection Ever Auctioned

In the whisky world, a “unicorn” is an extremely rare and sought-after spirit — a once-in-a-lifetime find. They’re usually solitary and far-between, adding to the joy of the hunt. But Sotheby’s has just announced an auction, called The Ultimate Whiskey Collection, which amounts to a jaw-dropping herd of ultra-rare unicorn whiskies.

This absolutely astounding collection is comprised of “no less than” 178 different bottlings of Macallan scotch from across generations — with a 1926 Macallan 60-year-old acting as the centerpiece. What’s even more incredible is that this full collection all comes from a single owner. And that’s not even the full extent of the assemblage, as there are also a smattering of bottles from other lauded Scottish distilleries heading to the auction block, including bottles from Laphroaig, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, and a number of others. All told, the value of this collection is estimated at well over $4-million. Bidding for this unparalleled whiskey collection starts on September 27.

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