The Turntable by Fern & Roby

There are quite a few uniquely designed turntables hitting the market nowadays, and it’s becoming increasingly hard for designers to find a unique angle for new designs. But the designers behind The Turntable, Fern & Roby, have crafted what we have to assume is the world’s heaviest turntable.

The Turntable, as it is simply called, weighs in at over 100 pounds, as it uses a 70-pound cast iron base. Why go heavy, though? The Turntable was designed to eliminate unwanted resonance and vibration. The Turntable’s exterior design is easy on the eyes, sure, but it also includes a precision-cut optical interrupter wheel mounted on its bottom, allowing for a smaller, quieter motor to power the sound. Of course, its $6,500 price tag suggests that it’s only for the most hardcore turntable enthusiasts. [Purchase]

The Turntable by Fern and Roby 2

The Turntable by Fern and Roby 3