The Tranquility Nap Pod

Jan 27, 2014

Category: Living

Just when you thought all power naps were the same, the Tranquility Pod was born. When you’re looking from some real rest and relaxation during a stressful work day, this contraption fits the bill perfectly.

This next level, high-tech sleeping pod was designed to let users experience a tranquil state of relaxation. Entering the pod, users are greeted with an ultra-suede topped memory foam cushion that sits atop an octagonal waterbed, complete with two ultra-suede pillows. Before you get too comfortable, make sure to sync your iPhone (or any smartphone/tablet for that matter) to control the 80-watt, four-speaker sound system that was designed to provide bass that will resonate with your body. Let’s not forget the LED system that uses a pulse sensor to synchronize with your heart rate. To prevent any unwanted nuisances from disturbing your slumber, the handmade fiberglass exterior was designed to block out 90% of outside noise. [Purchase]

The Tranquility Nap Pod 2

The Tranquility Nap Pod 3

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