The Summer of Beer and Whiskey

Aug 7, 2015

Category: Entertainment

It’s always interesting to read the success stories of those who built multi-billion dollar franchises out of virtually nothing. Thus is the story of Chris von der Ahe, who used his life’s savings to found the baseball franchise that would become the St. Louis Cardinals, despite the fact that he, himself, knew next to nothing about the sport of baseball. His story is recounted in The Summer of Beer and Whiskey.

The book delves into the wondrous and often hilarious world of the early days of baseball. It’s a classic American story of someone with big dreams, who also happened to be a womanizing, egocentric man who purposely filled his team’s roster with drunks and renegades for a more amusing game of baseball. The book, written by Edward Achorn, is a colorful and realistic look at the game of baseball before it became the corporate chug-a-long that it is today. [Purchase]

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