The Strop by ShaveFace

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Grooming

Razors have been around since the dawn of man, but it seems these last few years have brought about a ton of innovative companies within the shaving world, looking to change the game for good. ShaveFace is looking to just that with the Strop.

While a ton of us have made the switch to the safety razors, there are still plenty of gents shaving with your standard disposable razors. And for those of you in the latter camp, Strop is for you. Originally designed to hone straight razors, ShaveFace has designed theirs for disposable razors. Crafted from a combination of premium leather and denim, along with some brass studs to boot, this handy device folds up like a beach towel, making it easy to travel with. The brand claims you’ll get anywhere to three to five times longer lifespan from your blades, and that adds up to some nice savings throughout the year. Each one is made in America, and retails for $38. [Purchase]

The Strop by ShaveFace 2

The Strop by ShaveFace 3

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