The Straight Razor Carbon by Discommon

Dec 7, 2015

Category: Grooming

If you’re ready to replace your daily razor with something a bit more elegant in design, check out the Straight Razor designed by Joseph Bowen, which uses the highest quality materials ever used for a razor.

It uses aerospace sourced carbon billet, which is milled into a complex organic handle shape that sits in your hand perfectly. The blade itself is hand ground by Bowen, with one side using uni-directional carbon and the other side being crafted from machined woven billet. The surface is then waxed, making it smooth and soft to the touch. There are only 20 like it in the entire world, 10 which have a carbon fiber handle, and 10 that use a medical grade titanium handle. Each razor has been anodized and laser etched. It’s going to set you back a pretty penny though, as it comes in at $1,200. [Purchase]

The Straight Razor Carbon by Discommon 2

The Straight Razor Carbon by Discommon 3

The Straight Razor Carbon by Discommon 4

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