The Slate by Iskn

Feb 8, 2016

Category: Tech

Over the past ten years or so, tablets have become ubiquitous among designers and artists. Professionals who honed their craft with pen on paper have all but abandoned the medium and switched to digital tablets.

Now thanks to this new piece of tech by Iskn, artists can have the best of both worlds. The Slate makes it so you can attach any type of paper to its digital board and draw using the pen or pencil of your choice. All you have to do is slide a ring on your drawing utensil and start drawing, the ring will communicate with the clipboard and record what you’re doing digitally. The drawing board can then connect to your tablet or phone using the Imagink app, allowing you to tweak your sketches as you see fit. The Slate is perfect for a designer or artist who wants to stick to the fundamentals without losing any of the utility software provides. You can pick one up for $159. [Purchase]

The Slate by Iskn 2

The Slate by Iskn 3

The Slate by Iskn 4

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