The Simple Shower

While camping we look to simplify our overly complicated lives -to take a break from the bills and the emails and the hustle of contemporary existence. It stands to reason then that your gear, for the most part, should remain simplified as well. The Simple Shower combines this notion with our desire to remain somewhat clean during these outdoor excursions in a lightweight and easy design.

The Simple Shower is a portable shower that’s specially designed to attach to practically any one or two-liter bottles thus converting them into a shower. No more heavy lifting, or awkward solar shower setups. Now, simply screw on the Simple Shower and remain clean without the hassle. It also attaches to bladders and collapsable bottles as well. The product itself weighs in at under an ounce, features a removable cap for easy refills and the air tube lets water flow smoothly through Simple Shower and out the other end with water pressure similar to a home shower setup. So next time you want to keep clean without lugging around a cumbersome outdoor shower setup, look towards the Simple Shower to keep things clean and easy. Available now for $10. [Purchase]