The Secret Life of Superheroes by Greg Guillemin

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Living

It may seem like superheroes spend their entire day saving us regular folk from world threatening danger on a day to day basis, but believe it or not they actual lead real lives as well.

Artist Greg Guillemin exposes superheroes daily lives in a series aptly titled ‘The Secret Life Of Superheroes.’ The series features some of our favorite heroes from both the Marvel and DC universe, doing normal things just like me and you would. What kind of things you ask? Well Superman can be seen picking his nose, Spider-Man hooking up with Mary Jane, Batman brushing his teeth before getting fresh with Robin, and Wonder Woman stuffing her bra before saving the world. You can order any of the prints from his online store.

The Secret Life of Superheroes by Greg Guillemin (4)

The Secret Life of Superheroes by Greg Guillemin (3)

The Secret Life of Superheroes by Greg Guillemin (1)

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