RYNO Electric Microcycle

Unicycling isn’t just for the circus anymore. In fact, go ahead and erase any preconceived notions you may have about unicycling in general. The RYNO won’t allow such stereotypes. Built to make motorized personal transportation accessible, enjoyable, and practical, the RYNO looks like something that just rolled off a Terminator movie set. Built to get you from A to B safely, its electric-powered engine is capable of speeds up to 10mph or as slow as a casual stroll.

With a tiny carbon footprint, the RYNO replaces the need for the common combustion engine for city travel. It pivots between the invisible lines dividing roads and sidewalks, urban parks and even inside the office. The bike’s small stature and adaptable mobility also allow the device to travel anywhere your day-to-day life may lead. The project is still in the development stages, but they are offering price quotes and product reservations on their home page for those who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint in a fun and convenient manner. [Purchase]