The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand

Frequently being hunched over a laptop is no good for your posture, as the constant slouching can strain your back and shoulders. So after former engineer James Olander had to visit a doctor over the matter, he decided to take his health into his own hands by designing the Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand.

The stand is collapsible, and it uses a glass-fiber reinforced with nylon¬†framework that brings your laptop’s screen to eye level, virtually eliminating poor posture and backaches for those who are forced to stare at a laptop screen for extended periods of time. The height is adjustable, and it has pivoting grips that keep a safe hold on your laptop. It opens up fully with a single tug, and it folds down to just 13 inches in length (and roughly 2 inches in thickness), allowing it to fit in most backpacks and briefcases. It’s available now for pre-order for $59. [Purchase]

The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand 01

The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand 02

The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand 03

The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand 04