The Roomel Privacy Towel

We’ve all had that awkward situation at the beach where you need to change out of out of your jeans in the car, contorting your body while making sure no passersby are offended at your brief moment of in-vehicle nudity.

The Roomel promises to make that unpleasant experience a distant memory, as it lets you change your clothes anywhere with privacy. This is a 100% terry cotton towel that comes with a built-in water resistant bag; once you unzip and unpack it, it’s ready to go around your waist, shielding the world from your unmentionables. The bag also gives you room to store your keys, phone, wallet, and other valuables. It seems like a perfect fit for the beach or a trip to the water park. [Purchase]

The Roomel Privacy Towel 1

The Roomel Privacy Towel 2

The Roomel Privacy Towel 3

The Roomel Privacy Towel 4