The Rook Armored Tactical Vehicle

We all know that Caterpillar makes tough and capable work vehicles, but this is something else altogether. The Florida based Caterpillar Dealer, Ring Power Corporation, has turned the worksite stalwart into a tactical must-have ATV for police departments and SWAT teams.

With a CAT 287c multi terrain loader chassis as its base, this tractor has the ability to fit into tight spots both outside and in buildings. While speed isn’t its strong suit – it runs on an engine that grinds out 74 horsepower to a two speed powertrain that’s capable of speeds up to 9 miles per hour. But what it lacks in speed, this war-ready beast makes up for it in terms of armor and modularity. Engineers behind this project have built four attachments for the front; a hydraulic breaching ram for punching down walls, a vehicle extraction tool for literally lifting up cars and moving them, an armored deployment platform for giving officers high ground and cover at the same time, and a grapple claw for picking up and moving objects weighing up to 4,500 pounds. All told, seeing that this thing is equipped with NIJ IV armor protection, rubber tracks, and the option for custom fabricated armor – we’re glad the good guys have it.