The Rogue Packraft

Typically, if you’re on a long-form hike and you need to cross a body of water, you’ll either have to suck it up and swim, find a shallow point and ford it, or follow it until you find a bridge. If you’ve got Kokopelli’s Rogue Packraft, however, you just pull out your trusty backpack boat, inflate it, and hop on in.

This packable inflatable raft is actually available in two sizes: the standard and a “Lite” edition – the primary difference being that the Lite packs down a bit smaller (roughly the size of a paper towel roll) and weighs under 5 pounds, but the standard comes with a spray skirt, kayak style backband, and two extra D-rings. Both, however, feature diamond ripstop seats, kevlar- and v-tape-reinforced floors, and Leafield D7 valves for inflation and deflation. They both also come with inflation bags, rather than pumps, to incorporate as much packability and space-saving as possible. You can back the project on Kickstarter now starting at $675; otherwise the standard and Rogue Lite Packrafts will retail for $825 and $1,050, respectively.

Kickstarter: $625+