The Reevo Is A Technology-Laden Futuristic Hubless Electric Bicycle

Though they’ve existed for decades, hubless wheel configurations (or “centreless wheel”) have recently been seeing an influx in popularity in today’s motorcycle and ebike spaces. And though they do in theory offer reduced rotating inertia, less unsprung mass, and improved braking, the biggest selling point of hubless wheel setups is undoubtedly their unmistakably sleek and futuristic aesthetic. Wanting to distinguish their inaugural e-bike from the sea of competitor’s offerings, Beno Technologies has called on a hubless wheel arrangement to deliver the ultimate modern-day e-bike.

Dubbed the “Reevo,” the bike is kicked along by a 750w hubless e-drive motor drawing from a 48V Lithium-ion battery that can receive a full recharge in three hours and offers a range of 37 miles. As a class 2 e-bike, top speed is limited to 25mph. An aluminum alloy frame is paired with impact-resistant ABS bodywork and a lightweight 27.5” hubless wheel setup that allow the Reevo to weigh in at just 55lbs. Other noteworthy details include 800-lumen LED lights that are neatly incorporated into the wheels, front and back, proving a headlight, taillight, and indicators, and an ignition that’s unlocked through a thumbprint scanner, plus an app-connected GPS immobilizer, and a padlock system to further enhance security. The Reevo Hubless E-Bike is available for preorder now through IndieGogo starting from $1,999.

Indiegogo: $1,999+