The Porthole Infuser

Dec 12, 2014

Category: Food

Ever see the term “infused” on a menu and wonder exactly what that is or how the process takes place? Now you can answer those questions in your very own home with a pretty cool tool. It’s called, The Porthole.

The Porthole has a few things going for it. 1) The name. It makes you feel like you’re on the open seas. Captain Ahab and whatnot. 2) It looks great on your table or kitchen counter. People will see it, think it’s some frou frou decoration you bought at retail, then you wow them by unscrewing the top and pouring them a cocktail out of it. And 3) the taste. Made of iron and glass, this tool can be used to make all kinds of drinks, dressings, coffee, tea and more by simply filling it with fruit, herbs or what have you, then pressing the glass plates against each other. [Purchase]

The Porthole Infuser 2

The Porthole Infuser 3

The Porthole Infuser 4

The Porthole Infuser 5

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