An Elite 3,900 Bottle Whisky Collection Is Headed For The Auction Block

More than 20 years ago, a private collector by the name of Richard Gooding began amassing his vision for “The Perfect Collection” of whisky (and whiskey). The Colorado-based collector spent the subsequent two decades painstakingly acquiring more than 3,900 bottles of the world’s best bourbons, scotches, whisky, whiskey, etc. Gooding’s ultra-exclusive assemblage of spirits is now slated to go under the hammer at a pair of upcoming Whiskey Auctioneers events and is being touted as the most comprehensive whiskey collection ever to be auctioned.

Consisting primarily of single malt Scotch whiskies, the copious collection also boasts a selection of world-class bourbons from the US, single casks from Japan, and several Irish whiskeys. Appropriately dubbed the “Perfect Collection,” the most noteworthy bottles scheduled for sale include a 1919 Springbank that is one of only two-dozen produced, a 1937 Glenfiddich Rare Collection 64 Year Old which is one of 61 and the oldest and rarest spirit from Glenfiddich, a 1921 Dallas Dhu Single Cask 64 Year Old that’s being offered on the secondary market for the first time ever, and a 1926 Macallan Fine & Rare 60 Year Old — a spirit that currently holds the world record for the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold and is expected to fetch between $1.2-1.5M. The more-than-3,900 bottles will be sold via two separate sales in 2020, with one running from February 7-10 and the other spanning from April 10-20. Interested parties can inquire further on the Whiskey Auctioneer website.

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