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Stay: The Parachute Hotel In Venice Beach

What struck Ariel Kaye the most while on holiday along Italy’s Amalfi Coast ironically wasn’t the seaside cliffs and turquoise-colored bays that lined the picturesque Mediterranean seaside coastline. Instead, it was what lay inside the boutique hotels she frequented and the luxurious sleep she was able to attain on a nightly basis. Was is the wine, the gentle lapping of ocean waves nestling against the rugged coastline? No, it was the bedding; soft, incredibly comfortable sheets, duvets, and comforters that left her feeling refreshed and rested come morning.

Upon her return home, Ariel was disheartened yet inspired when she soon discovered the absence of similar bedding in the American market – bedding that’s free of an outrageous price tag and harmful chemical treatments. So, she set out and started Parachute in Los Angeles that now offers an array of bedding, bath, and lifestyle arrangements providing that iconic European sleep experience and lifestyle without the premium price tag.


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From here, the brand first opened a showroom in the heart of LA’s most iconic neighborhood – Venice Beach – offering a brick and mortar shop in conjunction with their online presence. It made sense too, since bedding is so much a sensory experience, that owning and operating a storefront option quickly catapulted the brand since its founding just a few years ago in 2014.


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That wouldn’t be enough for Kaye, however, who then wanted to take things a step further for the brand. So with this in mind, Parachute decided to offer their own boutique hotel experience for travelers and overnighters visiting the Venice neighborhood. What resulted was a 2,200 square foot penthouse open to not only private stays, but events and photoshoots as well.


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On the surface, the Parachute Hotel in Venice Beach is luxury coastal California living at its finest, but underneath the surface is something deeper – providing individuals with a chance to live the brand’s lifestyle firsthand through an overnight stay in a penthouse suite filled with Parachute’s textiles and beddings alongside locally sourced amenities and art.

Living Room

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The project was completed with the help from Scott Horne and Peter Dolkas – two of the minds behind the initial completion of the downstairs showroom.  According to Horne, they shared the desire to “outfit the [hotel] with like-minded vendors – carefully considering each element and creating something utterly unique but in line with the Parachute aesthetic.”

Horne, of course, is referencing the likes of featured goods from The Citizenry and artwork by Cindy Zell and Lauren Williams that line walls of the penthouse. The Parachute Hotel focuses on quality and craftsmanship that caters not only to a group of thirty but a couple looking to relax on vacation – Ariel Kaye (founder/CEO Parachute)It all pairs seamlessly with suite’s open floor plan, sleek and full stainless steel kitchen, and folding glass wall to a sizable outdoor living space. Here, there’s ample room for entertaining guests, hosting a cocktail party, or even just enjoying a couple drinks while overlooking the weekend happenings going on down below. This is Venice after all, the classiest bonanza around.

Naturally, the Parachute lifestyle extends outside the penthouse walls as well, which is why Kaye, who claims that The Parachute Hotel above all else, “focuses on quality and craftsmanship that caters not only to a group of thirty but a couple looking to relax on vacation,”  strategically placed this boutique hotel in the happening Venice neighborhood. Only a stones-throw away from iconic restaurants, cafes, galleries, and spas, the hotel is here to show visitors the how a good night’s sleep can improve your mindset the next day, and enhance your daytime lifestyle for the better.

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Start Here: Linen Venice Bedding Set

Paying homage to Parachute’s hometown, their signature Linen Venice Set includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases made from 100% European flax. Each garment is washed and dyed in small batches as well, meaning color is unique to each and every piece.