The Pantone Hotel

Nov 25, 2014

Category: Living

If you’re gonna go and make the trip to Brussels, the last thing you wanna do is homogenize the experience by staying in some ho-hum chain motel. We say double-down on the uniqueness of it all and wow your eyeballs with a stay at the Pantone Hotel.

The “world-renowned authority on color,” Pantone has taken its famous color matching system and gone several steps further with this 59-room retreat designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert. Seven distinct color palettes are used, from vivid to subdued, with a dramatic focus on contrast. The abundance of white makes each saturated color stand out like a breakdancing lobster. The guest rooms also feature photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy. Oh, and we checked: There’s free Wi-Fi!

The Pantone Hotel 2

The Pantone Hotel 3

The Pantone Hotel 4

The Pantone Hotel 5

The Pantone Hotel 6

The Pantone Hotel 7

The Pantone Hotel 8

The Pantone Hotel 9

The Pantone Hotel 10

The Pantone Hotel 11

The Pantone Hotel 12

The Pantone Hotel 13

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