Whiskey Bullets

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Vices

Under normal circumstances, we’d never mix any type of firearm with our whiskey – but for the original whiskey bullet, we’ll make an exception.

Shaped like the rounds you’d fire through your rifle, these whiskey bullets are crafted from stainless steel to chill your spirit without diluting the drink. And while they are called “whiskey bullets,” they also work wonders on everything from rum to vodka. Available in a package of six, these things sink right to the bottom of your drink, and their rounded cube edges ensure your tumblers don’t get scratched up. They’re very easy to clean, and don’t add any unwanted flavors to the whiskey. These make a great gift for any man who loves whiskey. The six-pack sells for $49 through the brand’s online store.

Purchase: $49


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Whiskey Bullets 3

Whiskey Bullets 4

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