The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

For some, the slicing and dicing portion of meal preparation is a hand-numbing nuisance; to others it’s an excellent opportunity to masterfully wield their sharpened steel tools over an assortment of veggies and meats. But even if your knives are sharp, if your cutting board ain’t cutting it, you might as well go out for Arby’s.

The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board from Fred and Friends helps you make precise cuts thanks to a multitude of guide lines that are burnished into the environmentally sustainable bamboo. The board has guides for a variety of cut types that you might not otherwise be familiar with, including medium dice, small dice, brunoise, fine brunoise, batonnet, allumette, julienne, and fine julienne. The 9-inch by 12-inch board is also easy to clean and handle. [Purchase]