The Oaks Is A $17M Automotive Estate With Its Own Outdoor Race Track

Feb 10, 2020

Category: Living

Florida’s stereotypical reputation as a sun-soaked tropic has been reinforced by more than a few Hollywood movies, but if you head further inland, you’ll find that the state’s expansive grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see. The transition is most apparent near Lake Thonotosassa, a small, reserved community just outside of Tampa — and the location of one of the automotive world’s most coveted estates.

Protected at its rear by more than 1,278 feet of lakefront, The Oaks Racing Estate is a sought-after destination designed from the dreams of any would-be gearhead. It began as a home for famed automotive enthusiast and collector, Bob Wallace, who spent the majority of his days in a euphoric eutopia devoted to the realm of four-wheeled racing. As such, the French-Normandy manor was built alongside an expansive 20-car garage, eight-turn race track, and a nostalgic diner harkening back to the golden age of Formula-1. Inside, denizens are treated to six bedrooms, a healthy selection of washrooms, a wood-lined lounge area, bowling alley, and sauna, and an additional seven-car garage, for good measure. Spanning almost 36 acres of Florida’s confined grassland, this vintage home boasts an additional horse stable, boathouse, and saltwater pool for even more lavish accommodation. Now, the estate is listed for sale via Smith & Associates for an eye-popping $17,500,000.

Purchase: $17,500,000

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