The Nug Knife by JHO

While we’re certainly fans of knives with large blades, we can’t deny that sometimes it’s nice to keep things on the smaller side. The Nug by JHO for instance is a totally tiny but perfectly robust tool intended to be by your side for small daily tasks and self defense.

While it may look like an innocent knuck, the G5 Titanium handle can smoothly flip out a little s35VN steel blade thanks to a free ball bearing system. For safety and security while in use, the blade easily locks open and stays there no matter what you’re doing. Size, design, security, and toughness all make this ideal for discreet everyday carry. Whether you are a big fan of knives or just a design nerd, this is a knife to covet. The Nug comes in a few different configurations, with prices ranging from $150 to $180. [Purchase]

The Nug Knife by JHO Satin

The Nug Knife by JHO Satin 3

The Nug Knife by JHO Satin 1