The North Face Moon Parka

When you think about apparel made out of spider silk, you might think it’s an item in World of Warcraft. But in this instance, North Face has teamed up with a Japanese company named Spiber to create the Moon Parka, a jacket made out of synthetic spider silk.

The aesthetic design is based on North Face’s Antarctica parka, but the Moon Parka is made out of QMONOS, a fiber made from bioengineered bacteria that looks and feels like spider silk. In fact, the new material is being considered the toughest material in the world, and since it’s synthetic and made in a lab, we don’t have to worry about the terrifying idea of a facility filled with spiders being milked for their goods. The jacket hasn’t been put into production just yet, however, since Spiber is still trying to figure out a way to mass produce the fibers. However, North Face intends on releasing the new coat at some point in 2016. [Purchase]

The North Face Moon Parka 2

The North Face Moon Parka 3

The North Face Moon Parka 4

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