The North Face Safien GTX Hiking Boot

You’d think that, by now, advancements in outdoor-focused technology might be coming to a head. But, for The North Face, there are always things that can be improved. In fact, the brand might have just revolutionized rubber outsoles with their new Safien GTX hiking boots.

Called the Exploration Trax System (EXTS), The North Face is using a three-tiered approach to hiking outsoles. First, the material is an in-house developed proprietary rubber that’s said to be both durable and extra grippy – all while remaining renewable, as it’s developed from plant-based sources. Next, the lugs on the bottom of the shoe are strategically placed to ensure the best traction on the trails no matter the conditions. And finally, the shape of the lugs themselves were designed to be the most effective of any other on the market. And that’s not even all the innovation in these boots, as they’ve also included their XtraFoam midsole and melt-coated yarn in its construction to reduce weight while increasing user protection. Available in January of 2019, the Safien hiking boots will retail for $150.

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