The North Face Celebrates ’90s Rock Climbing Style With A Retro Capsule

Paying homage to the predecessors of outdoor sport might not be new, but if there’s one company that knows how to do it right, it’s The North Face. As many of you might know, the brand’s community is deeply rooted in climbing culture, providing a perfect foundation for its recent Masters Of Stone-inspired “Retro Climb” Collection.

The North Face’s newest lineup of offerings calls upon many of the brand’s most notable clothing and apparel items, including the Lhotse down jacket, Headpoint anorak, Seasonal Mountain, and Denali full-zip fleece, among others. Each example has been updated with a staggering selection of colorways paying homage to the Californian climbing culture during its golden era: the 1980s and 90s. Calling upon typography and design elements mirroring cutting-edge climbing films like Masters of Stone, The North Face has adorned t-shirts, sweaters, long-sleeves, five-panel caps, and its Escape Edge shoes in hues of Black/Bamboo Yellow, New Taupe Green/Mr. Pink, and Asphalt Gray. Head to the company’s website to check out the collection — starting at $31 — in full.

Purchase: $31+