The North Face Geodome 4 Tent

Especially when the weather is less than ideal, camping tents are necessary for outdoor adventure. But, most of them do have some glaring issues – like a lack of headroom and susceptibility to wind. The North Face’s newest and perhaps most unique tent – the Geodome 4 – cleverly does away with those issues in spectacular fashion.

The geodesic dome is one of the most spatially efficient shapes in architecture. And since this tent borrows that very shape, it too has a lot more internal room than similarly sized tents. In fact, the Geodome 4 is 6.9′ tall, meaning most full-grown adults can stand inside of it comfortably. It also has a series of handy internal hangars for easy gear storage. And, along with a dual-layer water-resistant exterior, the shape allows the tent to stand up to winds of over 58 mph – as the force is spread more evenly across the structure. Unfortunately, this tent is only slated for availability in Japan, but it will be released in March at a price of $1,635.

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