The North Face Bottle Source Collection

A paradox for environmentalists and boosters of the great outdoors is that as more people take thm up on their call to get out into the woods and admire its beauty – the more those unique, wonderful locations are subject to littering and pollution. Ever the problem solvers, The North Face seems to have found a fun way to get around this issue with their Bottle Source Collection.

The Alameda-based brand diverted 160,000-pounds of single-use plastic bottles from our National Parks and turned them into tote bags as well as t-shirts for men, women, and kids. As if that wasn’t enough, the North Face is planning on donating one dollar from each sale to the National Park Foundation to help support recycling programs. Whether you’re always on the hunt for some way to show your love of our National Park System or just need a new t-shirt for the weekends, this is not a bad way to go. Shirts are offered in a number of different colors and with four different screen-printed designs for both the men’s and women’s t-shirts.

Purchase: $35+