The North Face Back To Trail Collection Is Full Of 1990s Nostalgia

It’s no secret that the outdoor industry’s largest brands are tailoring their collections toward the urbanized consumer. Most notably, companies like Carhartt, REI, and Adidas have shattered the glass ceiling when it comes to technical style, providing buyers with the perfect unison of futuristic design, dependable construction, and fashionable innovation. The biggest player to make the transition, however, is The North Face — with the company’s newest “Back To Trail” Collection serving to remind us just how perfect a retro resurrection can be.

The Back To Trail Collection is an amalgamation of the company’s most renowned silhouettes from the early 1990s, reimagined, reconstituted, and reissued with some of today’s most progressive qualities. Favorites like the Lhotse down, Denali full-zip fleece, and Mountain jacket make their reemergence, boasting fluorescent colors, sturdy, water-resistant finishes, and retro stylings sure to make wearers turn more than a few heads as they traverse outdoor terrain. But the collection isn’t confined to just outerwear. Inside, you’ll find everything from crossbody bags and shoes, to boots and backpacks; all of which retain the same innovative fabrics, constructions, and aesthetic qualities of the company’s urbanized endeavors. Head to The North Face’s website to pick up your favorite piece of gear; prices start as low as $30.

Purchase: $30+