The North Face Access Pack

North Face is mostly known for its winter apparel, but they’ve just unveiled a new piece of their Fall/Winter 2016 line that isn’t clothing. It’s called the Access Pack, and it’s a backpack that¬†boasts three patent-pending features meant to enhance its efficiency and ease of use.

Most notable is its one-touch open entry unit that gives access to the pack’s main compartment with just a flick of a clasp. It also uses a new loading and retrieving system through ejector tabs that give easy access to each pocket. The backpack also has an integrated tension lock on the shoulder straps for the perfect fit every time, and it has an exo-skeletal structure so that it can stand up to knicks and bruises and protect your devices. Pricing information is not yet available, and the backpack will be available at select European retailers starting in July 2016.

The North Face Access Pack 2

The North Face Access Pack 5