The No Bake Tent

For those who are familiar with desert camping, the daily wake n’ bake takes on a whole different meaning. With an unrelenting sun and no shade -almost immediately as the sun rears its rays over the horizon- your tent begins to drastically heat up thanks to infrared rays penetrating the thin walls. Thankfully, the No Bake Tent works to drastically reduce this phenomenon.

Using space-age technology, this tent features a dual layer sun reflecting design that actually reflects most of the infrared rays off the tent’s surface. Horizontal vents at the top of the tent also allow heat to easily escape, and an inner reflective layer prevents heat from radiating too quickly on the inside. For comparison, they tested two tents side by side and noticed it took the No Bake Tent up to four hours longer to heat up to 83 degrees as opposed to the name brand tent they tested. It’s also spacious, hosting up to 6.5 feet of standing room, four beverage holders, and the whole tent is designed to integrate a ton of tech gear. It also holds up against wind and dust, and is perfect for music festivals as well. You can pre-order one now for $469. [Purchase]