The New Normal Wireless Headphones

Jan 28, 2019

Category: Tech

In an ever-expanding wireless world, it’s a wonder that wireless headphones have taken so long to come to fruition. Luckily, Normal (NRML) is altering the status quo with their recently released New Normal wireless headphones. A stylish response, they’re available in both Suit and Sweat editions for both an active and professional lifestyle.

Featuring a wraparound design, five-axis adjustment fit arms, and an integrated USB for charging, users will experience even weight distribution with up to eight hours of wireless listening. And because they’re Normal brand, comfort is key. That’s why these headphones host soft silicone fit dots that are customized to the listener and built-in capacitive touch controls to stop, start or turn up the volume on demand. There are also additional features for each edition. For example, Suit is built from premium leather and Sweat boats sweat resistant silicone bands for the perspiring athlete in all of us. Sweat are available for $100 and Suit tops out at $150.

Purchase: $100+

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The New Normal Wireless Headphones 1

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The New Normal Wireless Headphones 3

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