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This Prefab Cabin Can Be Helidropped Into Remote Wilderness Locales

With an ever-growing number of designs entering the market, buying prefabricated cabins and homes has become an increasingly popular option over traditional construction, and while the concept of a modular prefab cabin design is nothing new, very seldom are they as unique or engrossing as Italy-based architects, Paolo Danesi and Massimo Gnocchi’s newest work: “The Mountain Refuge.”

Though still in its conceptual phase, the cabin is made up of wooden modules with their own self-contained structures, allowing them to be pieced together in a variety of different manners. The design also enables the modules to be airlifted via helicopter and dropped on-site in the outdoors as fully-assembled units, opening up the possibility of placing the cabin in remote settings where traditional construction would be exceedingly difficult (and expensive), if not impossible. Designed to enhance its inhabitant’s connection to the cabin’s natural surroundings, The Mountain Refuge sports massive five-sided floor-to-ceiling windows on its forward and rear faces, capped off by steep 50˚ roofs. Gnocchi and Danesi will be releasing additional information on the project as they get closer to bringing it to market. You can sign up for their mailing list for updates on The Mountain Range prefab cabin website.

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