‘The Motorcycle’ Book Features 100 Carefully Curated Iconic Bikes & More

While many people are quick to discount motorcycles as dangerous two-wheeled terrors, to do so is to do them a gross disservice. Because let’s be honest. For all of their risk, bikes have changed transportation for the better, whether that’s making it more accessible around the world or simply making it more exhilarating amongst enthusiasts.

The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire recognizes the beauty of bikes on each one of its 320 pages, celebrating these automotive icons in all of their finery. Inside, you’ll find 100 different stunning examples of motorcycle design since their inception some 150+ years ago, featuring everything from novel 19th-century prototypes to today’s modern engineering marvels. Along with each bike, The Motorcycle includes a deep dive into its history and cultural significance — the stuff that’s set it apart from others like it. And thanks to the book’s included collection of newly commissioned photography, beautiful illustrations, and archival materials, it lays it all out in front of you for you to see and appreciate. Available now, you can buy The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire for $60.

Purchase: $60