The Meriwether Tent

When it comes to outdoor expeditions, we’ve covered some of the best tents on the market. But, sometimes you’re looking for more than just a tiny tent. Sometimes you’re looking for a real home away from home, and that’s where the Meriwether Tent comes into play.

This is more than just your average camping tent, this is small apartment for you and your loved ones. The tent measures in with a 16-foot diameter, and features a center mearuring in at just under 10-feet tall. There’s room for four to six adults (depending on size of course), and the durable water-resistant canvas construction ensures you’ll stay dry inside even when it’s wet outside. A waterproof vinyl ground cloth keeps you comfy, while the large front door alongside the four screen windows and three top vents help keep this place ventilated during those hot summer nights. [Purchase]

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