LEGO Unleashes a 6,187-Brick-Built Take on the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest

Of all the Star Wars spin-offs that Disney+ has put forth since hitting the streaming scene in 2019, fans and critics have heralded The Mandalorian as the unanimous champion. Consequentially, it was only a matter of time until LEGO wheeled out a premium model inspired by the popular series, and its massive take on Din Djarin’s Razor Crest spaceship is exactly that.

As always, detail is a first when it comes to LEGO, which is why this built-for-display model boasts an intricate interior with removable engines, a cargo compartment, a pair of side hatches, and, most impressively, a Minifigure-sized carbon-freezing chamber. For additional accuracy, it features an escape pod with enough space to fit one of the five Minifigures, including Mando, Blurgg, Grogu, The Mythrol, and Kulli. It can be detached and placed on the neighboring plaque.

Measuring over 28″ long, 9” high, and 19.5” wide, this is far from your average LEGO set, as it falls in line with many of its other high-end, Star Wars-branded builds, including the 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon and 6,784-piece AT-AT. While the Danish toymaker has shown off several Mando-themed builds, including a 1,023-brick model of the Razor Crest, it’ll be hard to compete with this new announcement.

Make the most of staying patient for The Mandalorian to return as you take some time to channel your inner intergalactic bounty hunter. LEGO’s Razor Crest will be available starting October 7 for $600, while VIP members will receive early access beginning October 3.

Purchase: $600