The Macallan Adds to its Desirable Double Cask Line with a $4k 30-Year Single Malt

If you’ve got a taste for high-dollar hooch, chances are pretty good that you’re already well-acquainted with The Macallan. Easily one of the most accomplished single malt Scotch producers in the industry today, the Speyside distillery routinely pumps out highly desirable and award-winning spirits. (In all honesty, their lineup can get to be a little overwhelming.)

For its latest release, The Macallan has added to its Double Cask range with a superior 30-year-old expression. A truly intercontinental effort, it incorporates European oak — sourced from northern Spain and southern France — along with American oak — sourced from Ohio, Missouri, and Kentucky — in the maturation process. What’s more, each type of barrel was filled with the finest sherry and left to stew for 18 months in order to impart some extra sherried character. From there, The Macallan aged the Scotch for a full 30 years, carefully combining both varieties to create an exceptionally balanced end product. What results is a complex spirit that’s spicy and nutty yet also delicate and sweet. Pouring a rich golden color, it features notes of honeycomb and apple on the nose, flavors of cinnamon and vanilla on the palate, as well as some oak and toffee through the finish.

Bottled at a pleasant 43%, Double Cask 30 Years Old is definitely a Scotch to sip and savor. Understandably, then, its price tag is commensurate with its quality at some $4,000 per bottle. Available now, you can find out where to buy some over on The Macallan’s website.

Purchase: $4,000

Photo: The Macallan