The Lounge Mouse

The influence of alternative design principles on a newly-conceived device isn’t farfetched, especially in today’s creative sphere. While we’re used to seeing tangential items that pull heavily from products in the same space, it’s rare to see a successful crossover that encompasses items from both the tech and furniture realm. Shane Chen’s lavish new “Lounge Mouse” concept proves that sometimes, it’s acceptable to “fix” a design that isn’t necessarily broken.

Chen’s Lounge Mouse is a minimalist, desk-top computer peripheral that pays homage to Charles and Ray Eames — prolific industrial designers who are best known for their iconic contributions to the furniture industry. In an effort to remove the cold, electronic look from a piece of modern-day technology, Chen approaches the mouse from the perspective of a furniture designer, integrating smooth curvature, tailored corners, and a leather-like silhouette that heavily references the affluent individuals’ famous Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

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