The Light Phone

If you have ever looked at your beloved phone and felt bad that it did not have a phone of its own to love, you can rest easy. The new super-compact Light Phone is a tethered cell phone that is meant to work with your existing phone as well as work on its own as a pre-paid burner to help fill your pockets with more gadgetry.

With the Light Phone, you pre-pay for minutes to be used in case of emergency. Given it’s credit card size, the idea is to have it as a backup should you find yourself phoneless and alone, desperately in need of reaching out to touch someone. Instead of being an extension of your body, like your current smartphone, this is intended as no-frills, no-nonsense phone that does nothing but make calls. A stone-aged idea, to be sure, but a handy safety net nonetheless. [Purchase]

The Light Phone 2

The Light Phone 3