The Leveraxe

Since man could combine a stick with a sharp rock he has been making axes, and in all that time, the design hasn’t changed much. Still little more than a splitting end on the tip of a wooden handle, you’re merely using axe 2.0 if you aren’t going with the Leveraxe; a smart axe that brings man’s oldest invention into the digital era.

Created by a retired air traffic controller Heikki Kärnä, the Leveraxe is inspired by his own work chopping wood as he built a love nest for his wife. Using the leverage of crowbars along with iron alloy splitting power, the Leveraxe is created to make cutting wood easier, less painful, and faster so that you don’t need to be built like Paul Bunyan to get a clean cut. Splitting from the outside in, it works for older and smaller users as much as your average burly man in flannel.

The Leveraxe 2

The Leveraxe 3

The Leveraxe 4

The Leveraxe 5