The Last Land Rover Defender

Land Rover is a legacy that spans continents and generations. For 68 years the original Land Rover model, the Defender, has kept drivers safe and gotten safaris and warlords alike wherever they were trying to go. They’ve been used in the hardest places on the planet, and allowed off-road adventure-seekers a bombproof way to get around. Now, they are a dead breed.

Land Rover celebrated the final Defender to roll off the assembly line in Solihull with great fanfare and bittersweet wishes. Those in attendance talked about the Series I Land Rover, which was made in a post-war environment, which largely influenced the militaristic style. Since the times have changed, Rover feels that it’s time to retire this battle-hardened veteran in favor of something made more for the modern age. We salute you Defender, and celebrate all you’ve done for us and adventurers around the world.

The Last Land Rover Defender Manufactured 2

The Last Land Rover Defender Manufactured 3