The James Brand’s Holcombe Is A Sleek Titanium Multi-Tool Carabiner

Modern adventurers know that reliable everyday gear is a what helps you stay sharp on the field. One of the essentials to have in your EDC lineup is a keychain, but lanyards and bulky keychain carabiners can be a nuisance. Thankfully, you can turn to The James Brand The Holcombe Titanium Carabiner, as it’s a slim and robust key-carrying option.

The slim Holcombe has a tough-as-nails 6al 4v titanium construction with a tumbled raw titanium finish. It doesn’t take up much real estate in your pocket and is easy to attach to your belt loop with its sturdy spring-loaded bent wire gate. The reliable key carrier also has a screwdriver and pry-bar, which come in handy when you run into obstacles on your journey. For a more covert look, you can pick up the stainless steel version with a PVD-coated black finish. Ditch your intrusive standard carabiner and grab this sleek option today, starting at $45.

Purchase: $45+