The James Brand’s Mehlville Carabiner Gets An Impressive Titanium Upgrade

The evolution of a brand’s offerings should always elaborate on the strengths of its predecessors, while also devoting extra time and care to the reevaluations of its weaknesses. Such is the case with The James Brand’s latest iteration of The Mehlville Carabiner — a dependable, long-lasting EDC companion that’s had its anodized aluminum composition traded in for something a bit more aspirational.

It’s not out of character for The James Brand to create its products with an emphasis on innovative materials, meaning that the company’s newest evolution of the Mehlville should follow suit. This time around, the CNC-machined carabiner has forgone the inclusion of anodized metals for all-encompassing, precision-machined titanium, complementing the peripheral’s high-performance spring-loaded gate, integrated bottle opener, and dual-compartment, key-capturing design. At just 26-grams, this lightweight EDC essential was reinterpreted to offer unquestionable companionship alongside your most important accessories, keeping them secure, and within arm’s reach for years to come. The Ti-imbued Mehlville Carabiner is available exclusively through the Gallantry website and clocks in at an attractive $95.

Purchase: $95