The James Brand’s 100% USA-Made Clovis Is A Premium Minimalist EDC Knife

While there’s no everyday carry knife that’s perfect for everyone, there are a lot of common traits that EDC enthusiasts want when searching for a superb blade — like premium materials, a quality construction, and a balance between form and function. Turns out the folks at The James Brand have been listening intently to those wants for over four years, resulting in the creation of their brand-new Clovis folding knife.

Yes, you read that right: TJB has taken literal years of customer input and built it into this 100% USA-made cutting tool. And that makes for some pretty impressive features, as you might expect — including a Crucible S35VN stainless steel blade, 3D profiled 6AL4V titanium scales, ceramic ball bearings, and a button-lock mechanism. Of course, the brand also had the wherewithal to carefully craft its design to find harmony between its appearance and functionality — resulting in what they call “maximal minimalism.” The first run of this knife sold out almost immediately, but they’re producing more starting at $399 apiece.

Purchase: $399+